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Current Information on Deadlines and Application for MA Programs in 2020/21

Apr 30, 2020

Changes to the application procedure for the master's programs at Freie Universität Berlin due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, access to certain services (language exams, document certification, etc.) is currently restricted for many students. Freie Universität Berlin has therefore made some changes to the application procedure for its master's programs, which you can find here.

As a rule, you still need to submit all the required application documents for the master's program in question. You can find more information on these on the website of the respective program (under "specific requirements for admission") as well as on the "application" website for international students.


Application documents must be submitted as officially certified paper copies (as well as online) before the application deadline. If you are unsure how and where you can have your documents officially certified in your country of residence, you can check on the uni-assist website, either in the FAQ section or in the country-specific section (select your country from the drop-down menu).

Until further notice, language certificates may be submitted as simple copies (i.e. without official certification). Please note: This is an exception for language certificates only!

Application deadlines

Although you may still see earlier dates mentioned on some of the websites of individual programs, the application deadline for master's programs does not begin until May 4th 2020.

More information

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