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Berlin Program Theory and Methodology Workshops

Unlike most academic settings, in which opportunities for truly interdisciplinary dialogue are rare, the Berlin Program deliberately provides a context that tries to bridge the humanities and social sciences. Many of the selected projects are interdisciplinary and thus challenge traditional disciplinary borders. However, this multi-disciplinary character also challenges our abilities to communicate. In order to promote and cultivate the cross-disciplinary dialogue in our colloquium, these workshops are designed to facilitate this exchange.

Theory and Methodology Workshop: Hybridity (October 2016)

Theory and Methodology Workshop: What does "Normal/Normalization" mean? (November 2012)

Theory Workshop: Structure and Agency (October 2011)

Methodology Workshop: 20 Years Reunification (November 2010)

Methodology Workshop: The Berlin Wall Seen Through Interdisciplinary Perspectives
(November 2009)

Theory Workshop: Structure and Agency (October 2009)