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Financial Support

FInancial Support


Assistance (Beihilfe)

Civil servants employed by Freie Universität Berlin can apply for assistance in cases of illness if they meet certain conditions. Regular employees are also eligible in exceptional cases. When you are hired/appointed, you should receive information that tells you about the conditions necessary in order to qualify for this kind of assistance. If you did not receive this information or want more details, please click here (website in German).

The Berlin State Administration Office is responsible for processing requests for assistance as well as requests for expenses related to rehabilitation measures. To apply, please use the templates and forms provided by the personnel department. You can also download them directly here. Please send your request, including all the necessary documents, via the university’s official mail service (Fachpost) to


Landesverwaltungsamt Berlin
zentrale Beihilfsstelle - VB B - 10702 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 90139-6060


Approval decisions will be sent to the beneficiary’s home address if they cannot be contacted at their place of work (e.g. due to a longer leave of absence or after termination of employment). This also applies to emeritus professors. Please indicate if your decision should be mailed to a different address when you submit your request.


Child Benefits (Kindergeld)

The German Federal Employment Agency’s Family Benefits Office oversees the distribution of child benefits. For more details on who is eligible, the amount of support, and how long families can receive benefits, please visit the Federal Employment Agency website.


Expense allowance for moving costs

For newly appointed professors

Newly appointed professors who do not reside in Berlin or the surrounding area can receive approval for an expense allowance to cover costs associated with relocating. Approval is issued by your specific human resources office and is only valid for a limited time. A different administrative unit based within Division IA in Freie Universität's central administration is responsible for handling the actual reimbursement transaction for moving costs and separation allowances.