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District Office (Registration, Tax-ID, Certificate of Conduct)

District Office (Bürgeramt)


The Welcome Service is happy to help you with:

  • Booking an appointment

  • Filling out the registration form

  • Applying for the certificate of conduct (Führungszeugnis) for official purposes

Registration (Anmeldung einer Wohnung)

Within two weeks of moving into a new place, you need to register at one of the 40 district offices in Berlin. You will need to make an appointment in advance. You can do so online or call 115 for the district office hotline (Bürgertelefon). Appointments fill up fast, so you should plan to schedule yours well in advance.

*** Tip: It helps if you are willing to take an appointment anywhere in the city: Click on “Termin berlinweit suchen” when you go to schedule online.


You should have the following documents handy for your appointment to register:

  • Government issued identification (such as a national ID card) or passport, and/or supplementary passport documents for foreign nationals (e.g., residency permit), your birth certificate if you have one
  • Marriage certificate if applicable
  • A completed registration form

  • An official occupancy notice from the property manager/owner of your new apartment
  • Government identification or birth certificates of any children who are also moving in

Along with the confirmation of your appointment, the district office will send you a list of the required documents. Please study the list closely and ensure you have all the documents with you, as you may be turned away if you don't.

You do not have to pay any fees to register.

At the end of your appointment, you will receive a certificate of registration ("Anmeldung"). Keep it in a safe place with your other personal records. You will need it again for various official purposes, e.g., when you apply for a residence permit or when you open a bank account.


Tax Identification Number (Steueridentifikationsnummer)

The first time you register in Germany, the Federal Central Tax Office will issue you a tax identification number and send it to you by mail within about two weeks. Your employer will need your tax identification number in order to share important tax information with financial administration offices.


*** Tip: Make sure that your name is on your mailbox at home so that you can receive the letter with your tax ID when it comes.


***Please note: You will be assigned to tax bracket 6 until you submit your tax ID number to your contact person in the personnel department. Bracket 6 means that you are liable for the highest maximum deductions. At the end of the year, when you file your taxes, you can get a tax refund if you overpaid due to being temporarily in the wrong tax bracket.



Certificate of Conduct for Official Purposes (Führungszeugnis zur Vorlage bei einer Behörde)

If the personnel office requests a certificate of conduct for official purposes, you can apply for one at the district office.
The certificate of conduct costs 13.00 euros (amount based on information available as of March 2020).

*** New: if you are already registered in Berlin it is also possible to apply for the certificate by mail. You can find further information here or ask us.
***Tip: Make a note of the full address of your personnel officer (including their administrative reference code), as the official certificate of conduct cannot be sent to your home address.