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Use of Digital Media

Use of Digital Media

The Center for Digital Systems (CeDiS) is the competency center for e-learning, e-research, and multimedia technology at Freie Universität Berlin. CeDiS supports all of Freie Universität’s departments and institutes in the integration of digital media and technologies in teaching and research. It also offers training in the use of digital media in teaching and research and how to use tools such as wikis and blogs.

CeDiS provides all members of Freie Universität with access to its central web-based systems and mobile apps. These can be used, for example, for e-learning and computer-supported examinations; official websites; online communication and collaboration; academic publishing; project management and coordination; and supervising students and post-docs based internationally.



Webex Meetings provides you with tools to help organize your courses and office hours and to hold them online. The program is easy to use, even for beginners, with features such as live teaching via video conference; screen sharing (including the option for all meeting participants to share selected screens); file upload and download (e.g., further reading materials); individual or group meetings; sending invitations to online office hours via email and/or a link for students to dial in by phone if they need to.



Freie Universität’s central virtual learning platform, Blackboard, offers numerous functions and a variety of applications for research, teaching, and learning. It is open to all members of the university. You will need to register first before you can use it.


Library Portal Primo

Primo is a library portal that provides access to local and external resources, including books, e-books, and journals but also resources that can otherwise be difficult to access such as newspaper articles, book chapters, and digital items from the Freie Universität library repositories.


Content Management System (CMS)

The Freie Universität Berlin website

The official homepages of institutes, departments, and projects at the university are managed in Freie Universität Berlin’s Content Management System (CMS). CeDiS offers comprehensive advice, training, and information for web editors, along with a support hotline. They are happy to provide individual solutions, applications, and web design based on your needs.


Blogs (Wordpress)

Blogs are a simple and innovative way of publishing and communicating online. All members of Freie Universität Berlin who have a university account are able to use the Wordpress blogging program.


Wikis (Confluence)

Wikis offer a number of different options for planning and implementing joint projects in teaching, self-study, research, and administration. All members of Freie Universität Berlin with a university account can access the central wiki systems. The offer is also open to project partners working with members of the university.



CeDiS Support can help whenever you have questions about how to use Freie Universität Berlin’s central systems (Blackboard, CMS, university wikis, and the university blogs).

Contact: support@cedis.fu-berlin.de
Hotline: +49-30-838-54900
Monday to Friday: 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

In addition, CeDiS Consulting can offer individual support and advice in planning your digital teaching and research activities.

Contact: consulting@cedis.fu-berlin.de

For newly appointed professors, CeDiS also offers a special service to help you in becoming familiar with Freie Universität Berlin’s digital media and technology resources for teaching, learning, and research through the CeDiS Starter Pack. You can find more information here.