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Sick Leave/General Absence from Work

Sick Leave/General Absence from Work

If you are unable to work because of sickness or an injury, you must inform your office manager/head of office as soon as possible before core working hours begin. If the head of your office is not there, you must inform your supervisor.

If your sick leave lasts longer than three calendar days, including Sundays and public holidays, you must submit a doctor’s note to your office manager and/or supervisor no later than the day following the third day of sick leave. The note should state the period of time for which you will be unable to work. Doctor`s notes will be forwarded to the relevant section of the personnel department. You are also free to send the note directly to the personnel department if you do not want to submit it to your actual place of work. However, in this case you must still inform your place of work by phone as to the length of time you will be absent from work.

Every day of absence due to sickness or injury, including each day of consecutive periods of absence, must be covered by a doctor’s note. This still applies even if you are no longer entitled to receive statutory sick pay due to the length of your absence.

Please note: Members of the university, whether civil servants or employees, must always obtain the consent of the employer – here Freie Universität Berlin – in any case of absence from work for whatever reason. Where this consent cannot be obtained in advance, e.g., because of sickness, consent must be obtained as soon as possible, that is to say, without any intentional delay, and if necessary by telephone. If you are incapable of informing your employer yourself, you must ask someone to do it for you. Employees who remain absent from work without permission forfeit their right to continued pay and may be subject to disciplinary procedures or other consequences at work.


Sick Leave During Vacation

If you should fall ill during your vacation, you may be able to reclaim the vacation days on which you were sick, provided that you notify your work place on the first day of your illness and also submit a doctor’s note as soon as possible. You must obtain your supervisor’s approval for any extension of your vacation on the grounds of sickness.


Sick children

Should you have children, if your child falls ill you may take up to 10 working days of sick leave for each child under 12 years old up to a maximum of 25 working days. Single parents can take up to 20 working days per child for childcare but no more than 50 days total per calendar year.


Caring for relatives

On the basis of the Home Care Leave Act (Pflegezeitgesetz) and the Family Care Leave Act (Familienpflegezeitgesetz), it is possible to take unpaid leave from work if you need to care for a close relative who is incapacitated. For more information, see the notes to the staff circular (Personalblatt 04/2015 of July 20, 2015).