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Business Travel

Business Travel


“Business travel” is defined as travel undertaken for work outside of the workplace which is carried out in order to fulfill tasks that form part of the staff member’s regular duties at Freie Universität Berlin. Independently of costs and whether these are to be reimbursed, business travel may only be approved or requested if it is necessary in the context of carrying out official activities in the interest of Freie Universität. When a business travel request cannot be approved because it is deemed unnecessary or because it serves some purpose other than carrying out activities in the interest of Freie Universität, it may be possible to grant special leave in some cases, as long as this does not violate any legal requirements and is in accordance with the various ordinances governing special leave at the university. 

A staff member wishing to travel for business purposes must submit a business travel approval request form in good time before the trip is due to begin.

The form must be submitted whether or not the staff member wishes to be reimbursed for the costs of the trip. Without official approval of the request, the staff member is not insured for potential injuries incurred in the course of business and may not receive any occupational compensation for accident or injury. This means that staff members who undertake business travel without gaining prior permission are doing so at their own risk and may not be eligible for accident compensation, nor will they be eligible for reimbursement of their costs. Those tasked with approving a business travel request must act with strict regard for the basic principles of thrift and cost-effectiveness. They should consider whether the tasks to be carried out could be achieved in a different way, at a lower cost. Private trips, travel undertaken for vacation, and any travel undertaken in connection with other employment, job applications, or otherwise for entirely or mainly personal reasons, do not count as business travel in this context. Travel costs for business travel may only be reimbursed if the person traveling submits their application for reimbursement to the appropriate department within six months following the end of the trip. The six months are defined as beginning on the day after the staff member returns from the trip.


More information can be found in the Business Travel Guidelines.


Email: ia3@reisekostenstelle.fu-berlin.de