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Research Service

Division VI, the research division at Freie Universität Berlin, advises and supports in all matters related to research grants, applying for and managing externally funded projects, and any relevant legal concerns.

From the Application to Approval

The research funding service team within Division VI: Research supports researchers and academics at Freie Universität Berlin in all questions they may have regarding research grants and applying for externally funded projects, from filling out the application to getting final approval.

The team offers services in the following areas:

  • providing targeted and specific information about current funding calls from third-party sources

  • counseling on funding programs tailored to specific needs, including the European Research Council (ERC), collaborative research, individual research projects, commercial activities, and academic events

  • reviewing drafts of project proposals and full proposals in terms of formal, structural, and content requirements, appraising the accuracy of the proposed budget (such as calculations of personnel costs), assessing the suitability of the project for the funding call

  • preparing letters of intent and letters of endorsement with co-financing commitments for the university management

  • hosting informational events and workshops

    Developing the Project Idea and Providing Information

  • assistance in searching for suitable funding opportunities

  • counseling on funding opportunities and current calls for application/funding programs as well as the funding guidelines of individual third-party sources (donors)

  • counseling on the applicability of specific project ideas to published funding calls, comparison and alignment with past financed projects

  • support in the search for research and cooperative partners (using electronic search services/databases)

Notice of Third-Party Projects and the Application Process
Once a project has been approved, all relevant documents are handed over to the External Funding Administration within Division VI: Research.


External Funding Administration

The external funding team supports you in financial and funder-specific questions across all project phases:

  • examining and evaluating the contractual clauses of authorization documents in the case of project approval

  • budget monitoring, preparation, and implementation of funding requests in the case of project implementation as well as management and cost calculations for personnel using third-party funds

  • creation and verification of expenditure reports upon project completion

You can find extensive information on specific assistance schemes, current calls for funding, FAQs on externally funded projects, important forms, documents, and information on projects and matters related to externally financed personnel on Division VI’s homepage.