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Chief Gender Equality Officer of Freie Universität Berlin

Chief Gender Equality Officer

The Chief Gender Equality Officer of Freie Universität Berlin and her team support the university management and central committees of Freie Universität Berlin in implementing legislative requirements in relation to gender equality. Together with other officers and representatives responsible for gender equality, the gender equality office develops strategies and measures to promote gender equality at Freie Universität in order to dismantle long-term structural inequalities and to promote the equal status and participation of all genders at the university.

A key element of this concept is integrating gender equality using the instruments available to university management, especially in the context of recruitment and professional development at Freie Universität. The equality officer aims to end discrimination on the grounds of sex or gender, and to foster an organizational culture distinguished by gender awareness and gender competence. One of its goals is also to promote a culture of teaching and learning that integrates an awareness of diversity and gender at all levels, and to promote gender studies research at the university.

The Local Gender Equality Officers should be contacted in the first instance for any questions or issues relating to specific areas of the university. They help to implement gender equality strategies and the university’s gender equality objectives in the departments, central institutes, central facilities, in the central university administration, and the University Library.


The Chief Gender Equality Officer and her team, as well as the Local Gender Equality Officers, can advise all female employees and staff of the university in personal and professional matters, and specialize in offering advice in cases of sexual harassment, stalking, and bullying.

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