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Erasmus+ for Teaching Staff

The European Commission’s Erasmus+ program for teaching staff is a chance for Freie Universität employees to spend a limited period of time at a partner university in Europe and selected non-European countries. The application process is straightforward, and participants can look forward to broadening their teaching experience and becoming acquainted with new teaching methodologies.

The program is also intended to promote a European perspective at the host university. The visiting staff can share their teaching experience and expertise with students who cannot or prefer not to study abroad. The program is also intended to foster opportunities for developing joint teaching programs with the partner universities, along with the exchange of teaching content and methods.

Guest instructors must offer at least 8 teaching hours per week of their stay.

Funding is available for the following staff:

  • professors and lecturers with a contractual relationship with Freie Universität
  • research assistants
  • doctoral students with teaching responsibilities
  • staff from non-German organizations and businesses (can get invited to teach at a German university).

Erasmus+ for Administrative Staff 

Training opportunities are also available for non-teaching staff employed in a higher education institution. 
There are various formats for training as part of Erasmus+ such as: sitting in on classes or lectures, job shadowing, study visits, attendance of workshops and seminars (no conferences), and participation in language courses and continuing education courses.

The opportunities offered are geared toward administrative staff in the following areas: general and technical administration, libraries, academic departments, accounting, international office, public relations, student advising, technology & transfer, and continuing education.

You can find more information about the Erasmus+ program and other structured training programs on the website of Division IV: International Affairs. Team IV B, Academic Relations, will be happy to help with any questions you may have.

Coordinator Erasmus+ Staff Mobility
Stefanie Ritter
+49 30 838-734 41

Erasmus+ Staff Mobility – Outgoing
Sabine Erler
+49 30 838-734 17