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Counseling (Help with Addiction)

There are many different types of dependency, but no matter what form an addiction takes, it’s always extremely difficult to break. Not only the addicted person suffers, but often also their family, friends, and colleagues. Employees at Freie Universität who are directly or indirectly affected by addiction can get help from a trained colleague. This peer support is offered in the form of individual sessions where the advisor works together with the affected person to find a way out of their difficulties. The advisor can also signpost the way to other organizations if required. All staff at Freie Universität can access the service, whether they are dealing with their own addiction or with addiction in a family member, colleague, or friend.

Gordana Gusić

Social Counseling

Fabeckstr. 7

14195 Berlin

030 838-66913

More information is available on the University Social Counseling website.