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Topics in June

Jun 08, 2018

What Will the Weather Be Like in Ten Years?

Well equipped: The newly developed software allows for rough predictions of whether our weather will be warmer or wetter in 2025.

Meteorologists from Freie Universität participated in developing a prototype for mid-range climate forecasts.

These days, weather reports already provide adequate answers to the questions of whether people should trade in their winter coats for a transitional jacket the next day, whether an umbrella is a good idea, or whether commuting by bike or transit would be better. They are also highly accurate, and even more so the shorter the time in the future.

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Little Hope for the Colorful Paradises

A unique habitat: Pristine coral reefs like this one, in the Raja Ampat islands off the coast of Indonesia, also act as nurseries and feeding grounds for many species of fish.

The search for salvation: Geobiologist Reinhold Leinfelder and his team study the adaptability of reefs.

Time has already practically run out for the shallow-water reefs of the tropics. These fascinating ecosystems face increasing stress due to rising water temperatures.

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A Gigantic Battery for Sun and Wind

How can the electricity generated through solar and wind power be stored?

Chemistry professor Christina Roth studies the battery of the future. It’s not for electric cars – but it could help bring about a breakthrough in renewable energies.

The year 2018 started out with a minor milestone in the history of the German energy transition. At 6 a.m. on New Year’s Day, 95 percent of the electricity in the German grid came from wind, solar, and hydroelectric sources.

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