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Topics in August

Aug 25, 2010

“Future Skills for Biotechnology”

A lab at the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Freie Universität

EU Project aims to promote communication between companies, instructors, and students

The Career Service of Freie Universität Berlin is the German partner involved in this biotechnology project. Its aim is to promote cooperation and communication between companies, instructors, and students in order to enhance students’ education for the long term.

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Seductive Images

Art historian Vera Beyer heads the Emmy Noether Junior Research Group “Kosmos/Ornatus. Ornament in Persia and France c. 1400 in Comparison.”

Islamic and Christian art, Compared

“Thou shalt not make graven images,” says the second commandment of the Hebrew Bible. Behind it lies the fear that the adoration that people are supposed to feel for God alone could be transposed to the deity’s visible or tangible image: an idol.

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Using Diamonds to Study Earthquakes

Hauke Marquart simulated the Earth’s deep mantle in the laboratory to further explore earthquakes.

Hauke Marquardt receives prestigious German Dissertation Prize for 2010 in the field of natural science and technology

Hauke Marquardt cannot afford to let his hands shake. Using a pair of tweezers, he places rubies and a crystal on the point of a diamond, and then, very carefully, places a tiny metal ring around it under the microscope. Marquardt has learned to work with a jeweler’s delicacy, but he’s actually an Earth scientist.

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