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Topics in July

Jul 31, 2010

Rudi Dutschke, Cookie Stealing, and Warthogs

Old projectors and tape recorders with collector’s value are needed for archivist Irene Jentzsch’s work.

The University Archive of Freie Universität Collects History

6,500 running meters of files, 30,000 photographs, 2,500 posters, and 1,000 audiotapes: The University Archive of Freie Universität is among the largest of its kind in Germany. It houses documents left by the estates of professors alongside historical materials from the period immediately following the founding of Freie Universität to the present day.

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Getting to Know New Walks of Life

Mentor and mentee: Antonia and Eren on their tour through Berlin.

Students at Freie Universität show elementary school students from Kreuzberg that there’s more to Berlin than just their own neighborhood.

Eren and Antonia first met eight months ago. Since then, the nine-year-old schoolboy from Kreuzberg and the 21-year-old student have spent one afternoon each week together. What brought them together was the Nightingale mentoring project, in which students in teaching credential programs at Freie Universität and elementary school students from Kreuzberg, themselves either immigrants or the children of immigrants, explore Berlin together.

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“Between Spaces” Research Training Group Initiated

Professor Peter-André Alt, president of Freie Universität Berlin, looks forward to further strengthening the university’s focus on area studies.

German-Mexican Research Group Studies Globalization

Research across spaces, cultures, and academic disciplines: That is the work of the doctoral students who make up the research training group “Between Spaces: Movements, Actors, and Representations of Globalization.” The international research training group, which is receiving funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG), was officially initiated in Mexico in April of this year and a ceremony to mark the event has now also been held at Freie Universität Berlin.

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