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Tereza Nekulová

…studies English und film studies at Freie Universität Berlin.

May 09, 2018

Tereza Nekulová would like to see how creatively you implement your topic.

Tereza Nekulová would like to see how creatively you implement your topic.
Image Credit: Tereza Nekulová

At Freie Universität …

… I study English language and literature and film studies. During my first semester I already worked on a film project. My main focus in my studies is on the interaction between film and culture, or the idea that film can shed some light on our own values and habits.

Internationality for me is …

… a value but also aesthetics. I find it important to make our society as diverse as possible and to give different cultures space to develop because that enriches all of us. At the same time I also find the attempt to use internationality as a stylistic device – for example through multilingualism in film – very interesting.

What does that mean for everyday life?

I myself speak three languages: my two mother tongues German and Czech, as well as English. In my daily life, I often mix them, which is why I find it very appealing when someone can portray, or at least attempt to portray, this confusion of languages. One example is Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, where he does not translate the Japanese speaking parts for his viewers. I love that idea. Internationality for me includes being able to live with not understanding everything.

When judging the submitted videos, I will pay particular attention to …

how creatively you implement your topic. For me the main issue will be to see how well you succeed in using different possibilities of the medium of film to develop a story that corresponds to the topic.