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In Search of Reality – Realisms in Greek Sculpture

New Exhibition in the Cast Collection of Ancient Sculpture at Freie Universität Berlin

№ 036/2018 from Feb 26, 2018

A new exhibition in the Cast Collection of Ancient Sculpture at Freie Universität Berlin shows different ways that reality can be produced with sculptures. Entitled “Auf der Suche nach der Wirklichkeit – Realismen in der griechischen Plastik” (In Search of Reality – Realisms in Greek Sculpture), the exhibition explores different constructions, from portraits of Greek statesmen and philosophers to representations of peasants and old women as well as the representation of athletes. The exhibition was conceived and developed with students at Freie Universität Berlin as part of their bachelor’s or master’s degree programs. It will be on display until July 8, 2018, from Thursdays through Sundays between 2 and 5 p.m. Admission is free.

What do we see in a picture or a sculpture? Is what we see real and therefore part of reality? These types of questions are highly current in times of “fake news” and hyperrealist video and audio messages from politicians. Manipulating news or images to convey a specific message is not a modern phenomenon. One of the findings of the media age is that images have the power to construct realities and to shape and influence opinions. A look into the ancient world makes it clear that such practices did not first arise with the advent of modern media such as newspapers, television, or the Internet. Rather, during ancient times political statements were already being visualized and thus constructed.

Further Information

Time and Location

  • Abguss-Sammlung Antiker Plastik der Freien Universität, Schloßstraße 69 b, 14050 Berlin.
  • on display through July 8, 2018; Thursday through Sunday, 2 to 5 p.m.; admission is free


Prof. Dr. Lorenz Winkler-Horacek, Department of History and Cultural Studies, Freie Universität Berlin, Tel.: +49 30 8385-3714/2, Email: abguss@zedat.fu-berlin.de