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Dance, Calligraphy, and Chinese Cooking

Lively Program on International Day at Confucius Institute on September 23, 2017

№ 240/2017 from Sep 18, 2017

"Happiness and symbols of happiness" is the motto of this year's annual open day at the Confucius Institutes. The Konfuzius-Institut at Freie Universität is offering a varied program to give visitors a feeling for Chinese culture. The activities will range from artistic performances, samples of Chinese cuisine and the tea culture, and workshops for trying out Chinese painting and the Chinese language. There will be two exhibitions devoted to happiness. The event is public, and admission is free.

The Beijing calligrapher and opera star Chen Ning will demonstrate various Chinese characters representing happiness in various styles of writing. He will also give a presentation on the topic of happiness in the Beijing Opera, and in a performance explore the issue of whether Chinese people have a sense of humor.

Master chef Liu Tao will reveal secrets of Chinese cuisine and will prepare selected specialties. In the tea ceremony visitors can gain insights into the history of Chinese tea culture. In addition to various courses for children and adults, there will be two exhibitions presenting the various concepts of happiness in China from different perspectives.

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