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International Summer and Winter University FUBiS at Freie Universität Berlin Sets New Record in Number of Participants

433 Students from 44 Countries

№ 207/2017 from Jul 23, 2017

At the start of its new term on Sunday, the International Summer and Winter University at Freie Universität Berlin (FUBiS) welcomed 433 students from 44 countries, setting a new record for attendees. During the four-week term, the students will attend German language classes and other subjects. Most of the students are from the United States, South Korea, and the People's Republic of China. The term will run through August 19.

In addition to German language classes, FUBiS offers 23 different subjects including European politics, history, architecture, philosophy, and literature. This year, because of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, a course is being taught on the history of the Reformation and Martin Luther. Additionally, in cooperation between FUBiS and the Utrecht Summer School, summer courses are being held in European history and art history that take students to Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany.

For all the FUBiS courses, Freie Universität Berlin awards credits according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) system. The academic program is augmented with field trips including a boat trip on the Spree River, a street art tour, a walk through the colorful district of Kreuzberg, and a tour of the Reichstag. In addition, the participants can also take day-long excursions and weekend trips to Lübeck, Dresden, and Leipzig.

The FUBiS Summer University was held for the first time in 1998, and in 2007 a winter term was added. In 2010 the academic quality of FUBiS was recognized by the Forum on Education Abroad through its Quality Improvement Program (QUIP). During 2017 a total of 693 international students came to Freie Universität Berlin through FUBiS.

More Information

Kyra Gawlista, Program Manager, Freie Universität Berlin internationale Sommer- und Winteruniversität, FUBiS, Tel.: +49 30  838 - 73447, Email: kyra.gawlista@fu-berlin.de