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Press Invitation to the Expert Forum: A Difficult Choice – Who Will Move into the White House?

Specialists from Freie Universität Berlin on the US Presidential Election

№ 355/2016 from Oct 26, 2016

The world is shaking its head over America: Facing a rapidly changing political world order, proliferating wars, the threat from international terrorism, and environmental hazards, the US is affording itself an unbelievable election battle – with especially aggressive word duels and probably the most unpredictable candidate of all time. Can America still be saved?

We cordially invite you to discuss the US election and its effects on Europe and Germany one week before election day with experts from the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies and additional scientists from Freie Universität Berlin.

Expert forum on November 1, 2016 at 11 AM in the Topoi-Villa, Hittorfstraße 18, 14195 Berlin (Thielplatz subway station, U3)

We request registration by October 27 with presse@fu-berlin.de 

These are the topics and your dialog partners:

  • Not really prosperity for all? When the American Dream goes bust

Prof. Irwin Collier PhD, Department of Economics at the John F. Kennedy Institute

  • Tune in and turn on: Why the media needs Donald Trump

Dr. Curd Knüpfer, expert on the media landscape in the US, guest lecturer at the John F. Kennedy Institute

  • Europe home alone? Upheavals in the role allocation between the old and the new world

Prof. Dr. Eva G. Heidbreder, Center for European Integration at the Otto Suhr Institute of Political Science

  • Hopelessly frustrated: One-time bearer of hope Barack Obama and those disappointed

Prof. Dr. Christian Lammert, Department of Politics at the John F. Kennedy Institute

  • The world's policeman or an onlooker: What role does the US still play?

Prof. Lora Anne Viola PhD, Department of Politics at the John F. Kennedy Institute

  • Smoldering rage: America and racial conflicts under Obama

Prof. Dr. Boris Vormann, Graduate School of North American Studies of the John F. Kennedy Institute