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Funding for French-German Bachelor's Degree Program at Freie Universität Berlin

French-German University (DFH/UFA) Approves Proposal

№ 140/2016 from May 06, 2016

The binational bachelor’s degree program in French and German Literature and Cultural Studies is being supported by the Franco-German University (DFH/UFA). The program is being held in cooperation with Université Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle. The support includes funding for mobility grants for students as well as the organization of joint projects. The degree program is now also recognized as a fully integrated binational degree program issuing two degrees.

Within this program, five students from each of the universities, Freie Universität and Université Paris 3, will have an opportunity to study French and German literature, languages, and culture from a comparative perspective. The students will also deal with the political and historical relations between Germany and France, and they will compare the legal systems of both countries with regard to Europe.

During the first year, both groups of students will study at their home universities. During the second year, the Parisian students will come to Berlin, and during the third year, they will complete their studies together in Paris. Their degrees will be completed with a bachelor's thesis that is supervised by professors in both countries. In joint project seminars in Paris and Berlin, the students will get acquainted with important actors in the Franco-German context. They will compare the different education systems as well as academic traditions.

Further Information

Marie Jacquier, Researcher and Coordinator of the Bachelor Degree Program in French and German Literature and Cultural Studies, Institute of Romance Languages and Literatures, Freie Universität Berlin, Tel.: +49 30 838-52598, Email: dflitkult@zedat.fu-berlin.de