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Freie Universität Berlin Exemplary in Facilitating Family and Profession

Member of Best Practice Club "Family in Higher Education"

№ 229/2015 from Jul 20, 2015

Freie Universität Berlin creates conditions enabling its members to more easily reconcile their family lives with their professional lives. In recognition of the university's efforts in this area, it was accepted into the Best Practice Club "Family in Higher Education." The Executive Deputy Director of Administration and Finance of Freie Universität, Dr. Matthias Dannenberg, sealed the membership by signing the Charter of "Family in Higher Education," an initiative to facilitate equal opportunities and support for families in higher education and research. The university agreed to work with other members of the association to continuously improve the conditions for compatibility between family responsibilities and individuals' responsibilities for studying, teaching, and doing research.

Freie Universität concentrates its efforts with regard to families where long-term social responsibility is perceived. This applies especially to people who are raising children and those who are caring for relatives. The aim is to make these situations visible so they can be dealt with in a way that is satisfactory for all sides.

The "Family in Higher Education" initiative is sponsored jointly by the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE). More than 60 institutions in the German-speaking research area are members of the Best Practice Club. Freie Universität is one of the first in Berlin and will host a working meeting of the club in September. In recent years Freie Universität has already received the Total E-Quality Award five times for its exemplary commitment to equality between women and men.

Further Information

Daniel Hippich, Head, Dual Career & Family Service of Freie Universität Berlin,

Tel.: +40 30 838-51137, Email: dcfam-service@fu-berlin.de