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The First 6,000 Kilometers!

Students on Charity Tour in Europe to Collect Donations for Syrian Refugees

№ 197/2015 from Jun 26, 2015

Two students on a charity bike ride have managed half the total distance. Niklas Gerhards (21), who studies medicine at Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, and Sven Wang (19), who studies mathematics at LMU-Munich, are bicycling across Europe to collect donations to be used for medical care for Syrian refugees in refugee camps. After three months, they have managed 6000 kilometers and reached Istanbul. They hope to reach the North Cape in Norway, the northernmost point in Europe, by the end of September. They will donate the money they collect through their Cycling for Syria campaign to the aid organization Doctors of the World e. V. to be used for medical care for Syrian refugees in refugee camps in Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan.

The students started their trip in mid-March in Gibraltar and cycled across western Portugal and the northern coast of Spain, southern France and northern Italy, and along the eastern Adriatic before reaching the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul. The next stops will be Latvia, Estonia, and Finland. During this time they hope to increase the donations considerably. As Niklas Gerhards and Sven Wang continue along their journey, they meet local people. They draw attention to their project through street music and other activities. They also have a Facebook page and approach companies to ask for donations.

Further Information

Niklas Gerhards and Sven Wang, Email: cyclingforsyria2015@gmail.com

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