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Postcard Greetings in Perfect Handwriting - Right from Your Cell Phone

Students' Successful Business Ideas Won Funpreneur Competition at Freie Universität

№ 437/2014 from Dec 19, 2014

Ordering hand-written postcards with a picture submitted from your cell phone, smoothie sets with dried fruit, and cultural workshops for disadvantaged teen-agers – these were the top three winning business ideas in the start-up competition for students at Freie Universität. The awards were presented on Thursday evening.

The first prize of 1,200 euros went to the team, "Mr. Greets." Arthur Logvinov, Niaz Faridani-Rad, Lukas Polthier, and Piran Asci have brought the good old postcard back into the digital age. Through their website and soon also using an application program for smart phones (app), you can upload a photo, a text, and an address; Mr. Greets prints the photo on a postcard, has the text written on it by hand, and mails the card through the regular postal system to parents, grandparents, or friends. Stylish Christmas or holiday greetings can be sent from far away, yet quickly and traditionally.

Björn Koslowski, Julia Mastouri, and Jessica Krauter won the second prize of 800 euros with a new variation on the smoothie trend. They sell serving-sized mixtures of powdered freeze-dried fruits. The mixtures of five fruits each along with "super foods" such as goji berries and black chokeberry can be simply prepared in a blender with added water.

Lena Bünger, Sandra Laur, and Anna Hammer Sharifi won third place and 500 euros. They formed a group called "Kiezsprossen" and through art, music, dance, and drama workshops, they aim to give youngsters with poor educational prospects more self-confidence, while letting them experience fun through productive activities. The workshops are given by professional artists and are financed by sponsors, support associations, or the human resources budgets of schools.

The Funpreneur competition is held each semester by profund, Freie Universität's start-up support organization. This was the 17th competition. As part of the competition, short courses are taught on marketing, law, and distribution. With five euros starting capital, the students start a company (to last for a limited time period) and implement their ideas within five weeks. They are supported by industry sponsors from the Berlin Wirtschaftsjunioren group.

The competition is sponsored by the Berliner Bank, the Berlin Chamber of Commerce, the Berlin Wirtschaftsjunioren, and the consulting firm, Accenture. The next round starts on Tuesday, April 21, 2015, and is open to students of all universities in Berlin.

Further Information

Marion Kuka, profund, Start-up Support at Freie Universität Berlin, Tel.: +49 30 838-73656, Email: marion.kuka@fu-berlin.de. To sign up for the 18th Funpreneur competition to be held during the 2015 summer semester, send an email to: britt.perlick@fu-berlin.de.

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