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President of Freie Universität Berlin Prof. Dr. Peter-André Alt Appointed to Foundation Council of Einstein Foundation Berlin

Nomination by Representatives of Eligible Institutions and Cooperation Partners

№ 177/2014 from May 20, 2014

The president of Freie Universität Berlin, Prof. Dr. Peter-André Alt, is a new member of the Foundation Council of the Berlin Einstein Foundation. He succeeds Prof. Dr. Jörg Steinbach, the former president of Technische Universität Berlin. Alt was nominated from the ranks of eligible institutions in the Einstein Foundation and its partners. During his four-year tenure, he will represent their interests in the Einstein Foundation.

The Einstein Foundation Berlin was founded by the State of Berlin in 2009. The Foundation aims to promote science and research of top international caliber in Berlin and to establish the city as a center of scientific and academic excellence. In addition to its endowment, the Foundation also receives state funding. An independent scientific commission of the highest standard selects projects for funding. The Foundation Council is the supreme organ of the Foundation. It advises, supports, and supervises the Executive Board in its work. The responsibilities of the Foundation Council include, for example, approving the budget prepared by the Executive Board, discharging the Board, and setting funding priorities for the Foundation.

Overview of Foundation Council Members:

  • Prof. Dr. Amélie Mummendey (Chair), Professor of Social Psychology, Universität Jena
  • Prof. Dr. Olaf Kübler (Deputy Chair), President and Professor Emeritus, ETH Zürich
  • Prof. Dr. Peter-André Alt, President, Freie Universität Berlin
  • Prof. Menahem Ben-Sasson, President, Hebrew University Jerusalem
  • Dr. Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt, Member of the Board of Daimler AG
  • Dr. Ingrid Nümann-Seidewinkel, Hamburg Senator of Finance (retired)
  • Sandra Scheeres, Berlin Senator for Education, Youth, and Science
  • Prof. Dr. Winfried Schulze, Director, Mercator Research Center Ruhr

Further Information

Goran Krstin, Press Spokesman for the President, Freie Universität Berlin, Tel.: +49 30 838-73106, Email: goran.krstin@fu-berlin.de