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Soccer Robots of Freie Universität Win German Open

FUmanoids Win in Humanoid League of Robots up to 60 Centimeters / Defeated University of Hertfordshire Team in Finals, 2 to 1

№ 111/2014 from Apr 07, 2014

The soccer robots of Freie Universität Berlin reached first place in this year’s German Open RoboCup in Magdeburg. The Berlin United - Fumanoids won in the humanoid kid-size league for humanoid robots up to 60 centimeters. In the thrilling finals, with a goal in the last minute of the game, they beat the British Bold Hearts from the University of Hertfordshire 2 to 1. The FUmanoids won all their games in the German Open.

The FUmanoids are humanoid robots in so-called kid-size. They detect the ball and field with a video camera mounted on their head. The image processing and game strategy are processed by a computer installed in the upper body. Each robot is autonomous, and they can communicate with each other via radio and act as a team. Each robot has various engines that need to be coordinated for the various movements, which requires complicated programming.

There is a RoboCup tournament each year, which is a kind of European championship serving as preparation for the World Cup. The next World Cup will take place during the summer of 2014 in Brazil. The soccer robots of Freie Universität Berlin have been participating in international tournaments since 1999.

The German Open RoboCup has seven major leagues: (standard platform, humanoid kid-size, 3D soccer simulation, the rescue robots, service robots for home use, logistics, industrial robots) and a junior tournament for school students aged 10 to 19.

The main purpose of the RoboCup tournament is to develop hardware and software for service robots of the future. In both the industrial sector and the service industry, robots are increasingly taking over more work and new roles. The competitions are a venue for robot developers of the future to meet and gain valuable experience for their future professional activities.

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