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Renewed Funding for DFG Research Training Group "Fluorine as a Key Element"

German Research Foundation to Fund Graduate Training Group for Additional Four and Half Years

№ 036/2014 from Jan 31, 2014

The graduate research training group "Fluorine as a Key Element" at Freie Universität Berlin’s Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy will continue to be funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The involved scientists from Freie Universität and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin have an additional four and a half years to jointly continue researching new concepts of synthesis. The group focuses on the synthesis and characterization of fluorinated compounds and their applications in catalysis, materials science, and in pharmaceutical and biological chemistry. The additional funding is roughly five million euros through the end of August 2018.

The involved scientists aim to consolidate the extensive research being done in Berlin on fluorine. Within the program graduate students working on a doctorate receive the best possible training in this important area of chemistry. The maximum period of support for individual doctoral students is three years. In addition to a comprehensive scientific education, they acquire key professional skills through the Dahlem Research School of Freie Universität and the Humboldt Graduate School of Humboldt-Universität.

Further Information

Dr. Florian Asen, Coordinator, "Fluorine as a Key Element" Research Training Group, Tel.: +49 30 / 838-54006, Email: fasen@zedat.fu-berlin.de