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International Exchange in Ancient Studies

Berliner Antike-Kolleg Calls for Applications for Three Fellowships in 2014

№ 020/2014 from Jan 21, 2014

The Research Center of Ancient Studies of the Berliner Antike-Kolleg (BAK) is calling for applications for three Visiting Research Fellowships in 2014. Applicants should have a doctoral degree and have achieved scholarly distinction in any of the fields relevant to the BAK. They should submit proposals for projects that refer specifically to the institutional and human resources concentrated in the BAK. The duration of the research period can be between one and three months. International applications are particularly welcome.

Applications should include a research proposal (6 pages), letter of interest, a CV, a publication list, two letters of recommendation, and a published writing sample. The application deadline is February 28. The Visiting Fellows will receive a monthly net salary of approx. 3,500 euros. In addition, they can apply for extra funding for research expenses or for the organization of conferences.

The Berliner Antike-Kolleg is an interdisciplinary network in the field of ancient studies. It is jointly organized by Freie Universität, Humboldt-Universität, the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, the German Archaeological Institute, the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, and the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. It involves a wide spectrum of disciplines ranging from archaeology, history, philology and philosophy to the Earth sciences and other natural sciences. With its more than 180 researchers, the BAK is closely involved with the Excellence Cluster “Topoi – The Formation and Transformation of Space and Knowledge in Ancient Civilizations.” The Research Center of Ancient Studies aims to promote international academic exchange in Berlin.

Address for Submitting Applications due February 28, 2014

Freie Universität Berlin, Vorstand des Berliner Antike-Kollegs, Hittorfstraße 18, 14195 Berlin, Email: henrike.simon@topoi.org

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