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Internationalization of Teaching at the Institute of Computer Science

DAAD Support for French Scientist as Visiting Professor during Winter Semester

№ 287/2013 from Oct 02, 2013

Emmanuel Baccelli from INRIA, the internationally renowned French research institute focusing on computer science and applied mathematics, will be a visiting professor at Freie Universität Berlin during the next two semesters. The position is being funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Originally from France, Dr. Baccelli is an expert in mobile Internet communication. For one academic year he will teach and research at the Institute of Computer Science. He will also advance closer cooperation between INRIA and Freie Universität Berlin.

Emmanuel Baccelli, born in 1978, earned his doctorate in 2006 from the prestigious École Polytechnique in Paris. His Ph.D. dissertation on "Routing and Mobility in Large Packet-based Networks" was distinguished with the Ph.D. award from École Polytechnique. In 2012 he completed his habilitation at the equally renowned Université Pierre et Marie Curie. In his habilitation thesis Baccelli examined the compatibility of classical Internet concepts with the inherent limitations of wireless communication. Since 2007 he is a scientific researcher at INRIA (Institut national de recherche en informatique et en automatique). His research findings help to improve the integration of spontaneous wireless in today's Internet. Baccelli is one of the main drivers behind the open source operating system RIOT, which greatly simplifies the development of the so-called Internet of Things. In his recent work, Baccelli also deals with future Internet technologies such as content-based data distribution.

Emmanuel Baccelli had worked at Freie Universität Berlin for one year as a postdoctoral researcher, in 2006. The university's focus on internationally networked top-level research, its current research activities related to more efficient and secure Internet communication, and the department's interested and savvy students were the main factors motivating his decision to return as a visiting professor. An important focus of his current position is to teach students to bridge the gap between research and practice in computer science. As Dr. Baccelli says, "Freie Universität offers ideal conditions for including potential junior scientists in research activities at an early stage in their careers and to develop solutions together. Competitive research is based on cooperation at all levels, and I am looking forward to that."

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