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Freie Universität Introduces New Degree Programs

Three New Degree Programs to Start during the 2013/14 Winter Semester

№ 256/2013 from Sep 05, 2013

Starting in the coming winter semester, Freie Universität Berlin will be offering prospective students an even wider choice of subjects. A new double degree bachelor’s program Politikwissenschaft – Sciences Sociales will give students basic knowledge of political players, processes, and structures with a focus on Germany and France. In the master’s degree program Environmental Policy and Planning, the students can acquire methodological and subject-specific knowledge on environmental policy and planning that will put them in a position to examine and evaluate current challenges and research objectives. The master’s program Intellectual Encounters of the Islamicate World aims to provide students with in-depth knowledge of the intellectual history of the Islamic world.

The integrated German-French degree program Politikwissenschaft – Sciences Sociales bachelor's degree program is organized jointly by Freie Universität Berlin, the Fondation Nationale des Science Politiques, and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po). Classes are held both in Berlin at Freie Universität and in France at Science Po Paris, Nancy Campus. The program is in three languages (French-German-English) or bilingual (German-English with intensive courses in French and a transition to the trilingual program during the second year). In eight semesters of full-time study, the students can gain broad social and political expertise with a focus on German-French and European issues as well as a good working knowledge of the three languages. Students who complete the program are granted two internationally recognized degrees: a Bachelor in Political and Social Sciences from Freie Universität Berlin and a Diplôme du Collège universitaire de Sciences Po (Bachelor of Arts).

Further Information: www.polsoz.fu-berlin.de/studium/news/doppelba1


Graduate students enrolled in the master's program Environmental Policy and Planning that is taught in English, can expect to acquire knowledge about issues related to national, European, and international environmental and climate protection and energy policy from the perspective of political science and policy planning. They learn to analyze issues in the context of environmental policy and planning and to evaluate them using the appropriate tools and strategies. Applicants should have a degree in political science, environmental planning, social studies, environmental studies, or a related field. The standard period of study is four semesters. The degree program is run by Freie Universität and Technische Universität Berlin.

Further Information: www.polsoz.fu-berlin.de/polwiss/forschung/systeme/ffu/studium/master


The master's degree program Intellectual Encounters of the Islamicate World is taught in English. It aims to provide international graduate students with a thorough understanding of various topics such as the history of ideas, law, and legal methodology as well as material culture and social history in the Islamicate world. The two-semester research-oriented degree program consolidates factual knowledge and experiences of students with a background in the humanities or cultural studies. A minimum of 80 credit points in one or more of the following subjects is required: Arabic, Islamic studies, Jewish studies, religious studies, and/or philosophy. Proficiency in written Arabic (C 1 according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) is a prerequisite.  

Further Information: www.geschkult.fu-berlin.de/e/islamwiss/news/MA_Intellectual_Encounters