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Freie Universität Develops Occupational Safety System

Processes to Be Optimized by End of 2014

№ 042/2013 from Mar 08, 2013

By the end of 2014 Freie Universität expects to have completed the process of systemizing the management of occupational health and safety for its employees. The university aims to optimize the information available in this sphere of activity as well as the organizational processes involved. The university previously certified its environmental management to meet the current international ISO 14001 environmental management standard, for which it has received several awards to date. As a prelude to the reorganization of its occupational health and safety management, Freie Universität started a series of workshops in cooperation with the insurance company, Unfallkasse Berlin.

Freie Universität's Director of Administration and Finance, Peter Lange, was quoted as saying, "With our new management system we want to systematically reduce the occupational health and safety risks for our employees and students, while at the same time making the processes more transparent and efficient." For these efforts to succeed, it is important to include all the officials involved in the process.

The new management system is based on an integrated occupational safety, health, and environmental management system (AGU) developed in North Rhein-Westphalia. In particular, this involves making the requirements of occupational safety transparent based on a modern communications platform and to provide all the employees of Freie Universität with a variety of new information and assistance that will help them cope with the demands of work safety. The process is being developed by a steering committee consisting of the director of administration and finance and responsible officials from the occupational safety division, as well as representatives of the academic departments and the central university administration.

Further Information

  • Andreas Wanke, Project Leader of Occupational Health and Safety and Coordinator of Energy and Environmental Management, Freie Universität Berlin, Engineering and Utilities Division, Tel.: +49 30 / 838-52254, Email: Andreas.Wanke@fu-berlin.de
  • Karin Helmig, Unfallkasse Berlin, Prevention Division, Tel.: +49 30 / 7624-1359, Email: k.helmig@unfallkasse-berlin.de