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German Parliament Appoints GDR Expert from Freie Universität to Advisory Board

Professor Klaus Schroeder Advises Federal Commissioner on Consequences of GDR Human Rights Offenses

№ 214/2012 from Aug 08, 2012

The political scientist Klaus Schroeder from Freie Universität Berlin was appointed by the German Parliament to the advisory board of the Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Archives. The advisory board is composed of nine scholars "with special knowledge" about research on the GDR, dictatorships, communism, contemporary history, and comparative methods and modes of operation of intelligence agencies. The members are elected for five years.

The advisory board advises the Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Archives in its academic research on the activities of the state security service of the GDR. Another purpose of the advisory board is to support the research and publication activities as well as the exchange of information with other academic institutions.

Klaus Schroeder has a doctorate in sociology and a habilitation in political science. He is based at Freie Universität Berlin, where he heads a research association on the SED state, which he co-founded in 1992. Schroeder's research focuses on the history of the division of Germany, the history of the GDR, the reunification process, and the issues of extremism and the welfare state.

Further Information

Prof. Dr. Klaus Schroeder, Freie Universität Berlin, Research Association on the SED State, Tel.: +49 (0)30 / 838-52091, Email: kschroe@zedat.fu-berlin.de