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Mathematicians from Freie Universität Berlin Are Winners in International Visualization Competition

Awarded by Prestigious Journal "Science"

№ 21/2012 from Feb 06, 2012

Ausschnitt des Wettbewerbsbeitrags von Konstantin Poelke und Konrad Polthier.

Section of the competition entry by Konstantin Poelke and Konrad Polthier
Image Credit: Poelke/Polthier, Freie Universität Berlin

Two mathematicians from Freie Universität Berlin are winners in the world’s leading visualization competition for science and engineering. Konstantin Poelke and Professor Konrad Polthier won honorable mention in the International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge in the illustrations category. In 2012 that is the highest award in this category, as no first place winner was selected. The International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge is held each year by the National Science Foundation and the journal Science.

For their competition entry, the two researchers from the Mathematical Geometry Processing group at Freie Universität visualized a complex function using the technique of domain coloring. They assigned each complex number in their equation to a spot on a color wheel. The result packs two dimensions of information (hue and brightness) into each point in the image.

Scientists, graphic designers, and artists may submit entries to the visualization competition. The award-winning contributions are those that most successfully mediate between research and society at large. The various categories include schematic illustrations, photographs, videos, and interactive computer games. This year 212 entries were submitted in five categories.

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Konstantin Poelke, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Freie Universität Berlin
Email: konstantin.poelke@fu-berlin.de