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Excellent Cooperation with China

Friendship Award of People's Republic of China for Geography Professor Bernd Wünnemann

№ 311/2011 from Oct 10, 2011

Bernd Wünnemann, professor of physical geography at Freie Universität Berlin and DAAD lecturer at Nanjing Universität, was recently honored by the People’s Republic of China with a Friendship Award. Considered the highest award for foreigners in China, the Friendship Award is conferred on foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to the scientific, cultural, and technological economic development of China.

Bernd Wünnemann was selected for the Friendship Award in recognition of his many years of outstanding research on the climate history and environmental history of China, his teaching achievements, and his contributions to promoting international networking between German and Chinese universities.

For more than 20 years, Wünnemann has regularly conducted research in China. His work deals mainly with the climate and landscape development in arid areas and in the high mountains of China and India. He is the director of the Sino-German Nanjing Integrated Center for Earth Sciences (NICE) that was founded in 2009 at Nanjing University in cooperation with Freie Universität. NICE is an important cornerstone for cooperation between the two universities in both research and education. It provides opportunities for student exchange and attracts other German researchers through its lectures and seminars.

Dr. Thomas Schmidt-Dörr, head of Freie Universität Berlin's liaison office in Beijing, praised Wünnemann's long-standing commitment in cooperating with Chinese academic institutions. "Professor Wünnemann's continuous work in China is very fortunate for Freie Universität." Wünnemann is currently working on the development of a new joint Master of Science in Earth Sciences, which will be taught in English and lead to degrees from Freie Universität Berlin and Nanjing University.

Further Information

Prof. Dr. Bernd Wünnemann, Email: bwuenne@nju.edu.cn


Liaison Office of Freie Universität in Beijing: www.fu-berlin.org.cn