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Recognition for Freie Universität's Semester Program "Berlin European Studies" (FU-BEST)

Successful Evaluation by U.S. Forum on Education Abroad

№ 308/2011 from Oct 07, 2011

The semester program Berlin European Studies (FU-BEST) at Freie Universität is the first of its kind in Germany to be successfully evaluated by the American Forum on Education Abroad. The quality of teaching, support for students, academic environment, and the quality of preparation for the learning environment abroad were all included in the evaluation. The officially licensed Forum on Education Abroad is one of the most important professional organizations in the United States for educational programs abroad.

FU-BEST was founded in 2005 and is aimed primarily at North American students. The semester dates are adjusted to coincide with the North American academic schedule. Classes are taught in English on the history, politics, society, and culture of Germany and Europe. German language courses at eight different levels are also part of the curriculum. Nearly 150 students are enrolled in the ongoing fall semester.

Further Information

Dr. Dirk Verheyen, FU-BEST Program, Tel.: +49 (0)30 / 838-56582, Email: fubest@fu-berlin.de