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Times Higher Education Ranking: Freie Universität One of Six Best Universities in Germany

Freie Universität Ranked 61 in Europe and 151 Globally

№ 307/2011 from Oct 06, 2011

According to the new ranking by the prestigious Times Higher Education (THE), Freie Universität Berlin is one of the six best universities in Germany. As announced by THE in London, Freie Universität is ranked 151 in the global comparison, and within Europe 61. It is one of 12 German universities among the best 200 globally. Only four of the other eight universities selected in the German government’s Excellence Initiative achieved higher rankings than Freie Universität.

The president of Freie Universität, Prof. Dr. Peter-André Alt, stated that these results are additional evidence for the good international reputation of the university. It is gratifying that, among other things, the international orientation of Freie Universität was seen as a particular strength of the university. Alt also drew attention to the university’s outstanding position in the British QS Ranking published at the beginning of September, in which Freie Universität was ranked 66 globally and 4 in Germany.

The Times Higher Education ranking is based among other things on a global survey of about 17,500 scholars from 137 countries. Other indicators are citations and publications by members of the universities appearing in 12,000 academic journals.

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