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Freie Universität Launches New Website

Find More Information, More Quickly: Website Offers New Themes, New Media, and Better Orientation

№ 209/2011 from Jun 28, 2011

Freie Universität Berlin has a new appearance. At www.fu-berlin.de the home page of Freie Universität has a more modern design, more images, additional information, and innovative capabilities. The new online presence makes apparent the academic strengths and international alignment of Freie Universität.

The newly designed site makes it even easier for visitors to quickly find well-founded information about Freie Universität Berlin and what the university has to offer. For students, researchers, employees, alumni, journalists, and others: there is a target group navigation on the right side of the page where users are directed to clearly designed orientation pages, which quickly lead to the desired information.

In the “About” section there is general information about the university’s guiding principles, its profile, and developmental goals. The section entitled “Collaboration” documents not only the regional and international academic networks of Freie Universität, but also its connections in business and society.

A new international portal summarizes the many international activities and expertise at Freie Universität. Applicants, students, and young researchers from abroad can find information to help them prepare for their arrival and stay in Berlin. There is also a section with testimonials from visiting researchers and international students who share some of their experiences at Freie Universität and offer advice for new arrivals.

A multi-column layout with flexible design and a new media window make the new home page of Freie Universität more colorful, more appealing, and more diverse. An improved editing and publishing system delivers new page features with additional information for users. The online magazine campus.leben features daily articles about life at the university. The calendar of events is now integrated in campus.leben and provides an overview of all important events at Freie Universität.

Take a look at Freie Universität Berlin: www.fu-berlin.de