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First Choice at Sugarloaf Mountain

Top Brazilian University Wants Freie Universität as Strategic Partner

№ 182/2011 from Jun 14, 2011

The elite Brazilian university Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp) has chosen Freie Universität as one of four preferred partners. The goal is closer cooperation between the two research institutions. For this purpose, the University of the State of São Paulo is offering Freie Universität Berlin scholarships and grants for the exchange of professors, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows. Funding is available for stays of 15 days in Campinas (professors) up to two months (Ph.D. students and postdocs).

The Brazilian university will give students at Freie Universität a monthly allowance equivalent to 1,300 euros and will also cover travel expenses and health insurance. Professors from Freie Universität will receive a daily allowance of the equivalent of 130 euros, plus travel expenses and the cost of health insurance for their stay in Campinas.

Besides Freie Universität, TU Munich as well as Brown University and Northwestern University will be taking part in the privileged exchange program. The aim of the initiative is to develop joint research projects. It is planned that existing contacts and collaborations in the humanities and social sciences, as well as education will be consolidated and new fields of cooperation will be developed.

Freie Universität Berlin has a liaison office in São Paulo. The university maintains a close and productive exchange with the University of Campinas, among others. The liaison office in Brazil provides advice for researchers in all the university's academic departments.

Further Information

Claudio Struck, Head of Freie Universität's Liaison Office in São Paulo
Email: claudio.struck@fu-berlin.de