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Award for Earth Scientist at Freie Universität Berlin

European Geosciences Union Honors Professor Karin Labitzke

№ 02/2011 from Jan 04, 2011

The European Geosciences Union has announced that it is awarding a Vilhelm Bjerknes Medal to Karin Labitzke, a professor emerita at Freie Universität Berlin. The world-renowned scientist is being recognized for her lifetime achievements and in particular for her outstanding contributions to atmospheric research. The award ceremony will take place in April 2011 in Vienna.

Karin Labitzke, who was born in 1935, began studying meteorology and physics in 1953 at Freie Universität Berlin. She earned her doctorate in 1962 and in 1970 accepted an appointment at Freie Universität Berlin as a professor of meteorology of the stratosphere. She held this research and teaching position until her retirement in 2000. Karin Labitzke’s research took her to Japan, China, and the United States. Her research focuses on the exploration of the stratosphere and the impact of the eleven-year sunspot cycle on the atmosphere.

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