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Family-friendly Work Environment at Freie Universität Berlin

Re-certification for Attractive Conditions

№ 274/2010 from Sep 10, 2010

Freie Universität Berlin as an employer provides an environment that enables a good balance between work and family life. This was determined in an audit by berufundfamilie gGmbH. For the second time now, berufundfamilie gGmbH certified Freie Universität as being a family-friendly university. It is expected that the certificate will be officially awarded by the German federal ministers for family affairs and economics as part of a congress in June of 2011. The president of Freie Universität, Prof. Dr. Peter-André Alt, announced his intentions to expand the variety of family-friendly measures at the university.

One of the aims of Freie Universität for the next three years, according to Alt, is to add even more flexibility to working hours, such as through job-sharing models. Another aim is to make the situation of employees and students with dependents in need of care more visible and to develop a support concept for affected individuals. During recruitment and appointment procedures, the university intends to offer spouses and partners of candidates support and career prospects where possible. For this purpose Freie Universität plans to initiate and develop a Berlin-wide network.

Freie Universität looks at three successful years of family involvement in the design of study conditions and personnel policy since it was first certified as a family-friendly university back in 2007. As one of the first steps in October 2007, a family support center was set up as the central point of contact. Among the examples that allow a better balance between study and family are preferred registration for seminars, the development of e-learning possibilities, or the opportunity to attend classes in spite of being on leave due to the care of a child or dependent relatives. Employees of Freie Universität can reconcile work and family life better through the offer of alternating telework or free care for children in unforeseen situations.

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