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Freie Universität Berlin Remains Attractive for Researchers from Abroad

Evaluation of Annual Report of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

№ 203/2010 from Jun 21, 2010

Freie Universität Berlin remains one of the top addresses in Germany for researchers from abroad. This is the result of a recent survey by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) on the distribution of their fellows and award winners at German universities and research institutions. With 51 AvH award winners during the query period 2005–2009 comparing all German universities, most scientists and scholars from abroad were guests at LMU Munich and Freie Universität.

Including the AvH research fellows during the same period, Freie Universität recorded a total of 228 research visits. That is an increase of around seven percent over the previous year. Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich with 238 stays was the only German university to attract more award winners and fellows from abroad.

“With numerous connections to leading researchers abroad, Freie Universität Berlin is continuously expanding its international network,” stated the president of Freie Universität, Prof. Dr. Peter-André Alt. Furthermore, the internationalization of science, the interdisciplinary exchange of new ideas, and research cooperation across borders are an important part of the university’s “International Network University” future development strategy that won funding in the German Excellence Initiative. Alt said that Freie Universität’s great attractiveness to award winners and fellows of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is a testament to the success of the university’s future development concept in promoting international cooperation.

The Alexander von Humboldt Research Awards are given to leading international scholars for their excellent scientific work in their field, and they are invited to conduct research in Germany. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research Fellowships are awarded to highly qualified foreign scientists in an open international competition. In both cases, the award winners and fellows decide for themselves at which German institution they wish to conduct their research. The periods are usually between 12 and 24 months. The recent AvH survey thus provides information on the international attractiveness and academic performance of the respective research institutions.

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Goran Krstin, Press Spokesperson for the President, Freie Universität Berlin
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