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Wireless Lab for the Internet of Things

Computer Science Project at Freie Universität Sponsored by Federal Ministry of Research

№ 40/2010 from Feb 19, 2010

A research project to connect everyday devices to the so-called “Internet of Things” is being funded at the Department of Computer Science at Freie Universität by the German Federal Ministry of Research with about 430,000 euros as part of the G-Lab project. Mesut Günes, the junior professor who heads the project, and his research group have installed a wireless lab on the campus of Freie Universität. “Our research aims to develop technologies and interfaces that will make it possible in the future to seamlessly integrate the Internet of Things,” according to Günes.

What at first sounds a little abstract, is expected to make everyday life easier in the future: “Many people have heard the example of the refrigerator that can automatically detect whether the milk is bad or about to run out and then transmits a signal to its owner,” says Günes. The networking of everyday devices to the Internet of Things and connecting them to the worldwide network is currently a challenge that can only partially be met by the Internet. “At present the Internet is not designed to handle wireless sensor nodes that monitor, for example, the water level of a river, the stability of a bridge, or the temperature in a cold storage building,” explains Günes. “At the time the Internet was developed, it was not imagined that this technology would one day be used to connect billions of devices.”

The aim of the project over the next three years is to develop an infrastructure for the Internet of Things that is based on wireless Internet technology.

Further Information

Professor Mesut Günes, Computer Systems & Telematics Group, Freie Universität Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0)30 / 838–75245, Email: Mesut.Guenes@fu-berlin.de