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Successful Soccer Robots

Humanoid Robots Developed at Freie Universität Won the Iran Open 2008

№ 107/2008 from Apr 23, 2008

The robot teams of Freie Universität Berlin scored a double win at the Iran Open 2008. The "FU-manoid" soccer team consisting of three humanoid robots won the RoboCup soccer competition in Qazvin, Iran. The team won first place, three points ahead of the nearest competitor. In the obstacle course Freie Universität’s robot team was also fastest and most dexterous, winning the second gold medal for the team.

The soccer-playing "FU-manoid" team of Freie Universität competes in the league for humanoid robots up to 60 centimeters high. Each of the robots has a miniature video camera installed in its head, enabling it to observe the field and the ball. The robot athletes are steered by a chip controlling the motors in the robots' joints. The hard- and software for the FU-manoid team was developed by students and faculty of the Institute of Computer Science of Freie Universität. The soccer robot team has been working together for two years. The team is currently training for the RoboCup World Championship coming up this summer in China.

Further Information

Professor Dr. Raúl Rojas, Institute of Computer Science, Telephone: +49 (0)30 / 838-75130, Email: rojas@inf.fu-berlin.de