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Erasmus+ Teaching Stays in Non-European Countries

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In addition to the mobility of students and administrative staff, the Erasmus+ program with partner countries of the European Commission also offers instructors at Freie Universität Berlin the opportunity to spend time abroad at selected partner universities.

Erasmus+ for Academic Staff


1. What are the requirements for participating in a teaching mobility stay outside Europe?

2. Being an academic staff member, can I also take advantage of a training stay?

3. Which Erasmus+ worldwide partnerships are currently in place (however, funding may not be available at all partners)?

4. Which places can I currently apply for and how do I apply for funding?


5. How much is the Erasmus+ funding for my host country?

6. Is there special funding for employees with disabilities?

7. What are the priorities used to select grant recipients?


8. How can I prepare myself interculturally for a stay abroad?

9. Which language courses can I take in preparation?

During your stay

9. How am I insured? What additional insurance should I take out?

10. What obligations do I have as a grant recipient?


If you have further questions or if you are already specifically interested in a stay outside of Europe, you are welcome to contact us by phone or email.

Ms. Stefanie Ritter
International Affairs
IVB – Academic Relations
Kaiserswerther Str. 16-18
14195 Berlin

Tel.: +49 (0)30 838-73441
Email: stefanie.ritter@fu-berlin.de

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