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About us

Postal Address:

Freie Universität Berlin
Division VI - Research - Legal Councel in Research and Transfer
Kaiserswerther Str. 16-18
D - 14195 Berlin

Dr. Christine Reuter (VI B)

Team Leader (commissioned)

Patent and License Law; Transfer Projects (in particular ZIM); Material Transfer Agreements; Data Usage Agreements; Legal Issues (Start-up)

+49 30 838 631 52

Jan Schrick (VI B1)

Dep. Vet. Medicine, Business/Economics, Law, Political/Social Sciences, Earth Sciences, Philosophy/Humanities, JFK, LAI, Sports, BGBM, Einstein Centers, ZUV (without CeDiS, UB)

+49 30 838 72513

Johanna Ruths, LL.M. (VI B6)

Dep. Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Mathematics/Computer Science, Physics, Education/Psychology, History/Cultural Studies; ZUV (only CeDiS, UB)

+49 30 838 68596

Anika Fröhlich (VI B2)

Team Assistance for Contracts

Contract Database

+49 30 838 736 21