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Department of Political and Social Sciences

Main Fields of Research:

Political Science

  • Area studies, transnational relations, and international environmental policy
  • Interaction between the economy and the environment
  • International conflicts, peace and conflict studies, governance structures
  • European integration processes
  • Cultural and social aspects of migration histories in the world today, in European and non-European contexts
  • Social inequalities in European and non-European context, gender relations
  • Comparative policy and gender research
  • EU financial crisis
  • Diffusion processes of policy and institutions in Europe and the European Union
  • Transformation processes in the Arab world
  • Globalization research


  • Transregional relations, analysis of transnationalization and Europeanization processes
  • Comparison of German society with other European societies
  • Globalization processes
  • Inter-relations between Europe and other regions of the world, especially North and Latin America, Eastern Europe

Media and Communication Studies

  • Communication processes in contemporary society, transformation processes through globalization, digitalization, economization
  • Conditions, structures, processes, content, and effects of media communication
  • Communication policy and media economics
  • Political communication and the transformation of the public
  • Media change, including in changing political systems
  • Uncertainty, crisis communication, risk communication

Social and Cultural Anthropology

  • Non-European anthropology (especially Eastern and Southern Africa, Southeast Asia)
  • Medical anthropology, globalization of health
  • Local dynamics and globalization and migration processes

Involvement in Multidisciplinary Research Areas:

  • Insecurity - security research
  • Human–environment interaction
  • Transregional relations
  • Educational processes and income
  • Health and quality of life
  • Cultural dynamics