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Department of Philosophy and Humanities

Main Fields of Research


  • Action and values
  • Lanuage and media
  • Art, aesthetics, science, and cognition
  • Society, politics, morals, ethics, law
  • Images of humans, emotions, religion, and gender theory

Languages and Literature Studies, Philologies

  • History of language and literature from ancient times to the present; European languages
  • Exploration of the major periods, trends, and tendencies of German and Dutch language and literature from the early modern period to the present
  • Studies of Romanice languages according to region
  • Structure and historical development of the English language and English literatures and cultures in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
  • English language in its global varieties
  • Roman philosophy, particularly in its Christian form, and also in Latin poetry of the 12th and 13th centuries, including epic and bucolic poetry
  • Greek language and Greek literature, philosophy, and culture from antiquity to the present and their impact on the non-Greek-speaking world
  • Neuroscientific research on language

Dance, Theater, Music, Film, Media

  • Phenomenon of dance from a historical, cultural, and social perspective
  • Aesthetics, theory, and history of theater and theatrical forms and their origins and impact
  • Discourse on movement and the body, history and concepts of dance as a form of knowledge about the body and movement
  • Forms of film in its genesis and in its existing migration to other technologies
  • History, aesthetics, and theory of film and other audiovisual media as well as the conditions of their origin and impact within different cultural and aesthetic systems
  • Historiy and theory of music in its cultural context
  • Cultural and medial transformation processes in research fields such as audience development and youth cultures in media cultures and structural change in the media

Involvement in Multidisciplinary Research Areas:

  • Cultural dynamics
  • Transregional relations
  • Educational processes and educational outcomes
  • Basics of biomedicine