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Department of Earth Sciences

Main Fields of Research

Geology and Geography

  • Physical, chemical, and biological processes in the Earth, on the Earth's surface, and in the atmosphere and the interaction between humans and the environment
  • Resources, processes, and risks of Planet Earth
  • Exploration and exploitation of natural resources
  • Energy resources, raw materials, water and environmental research
  • Risks and resilience in human-environment systems
  • Dynamics and resources from the Earth's interior to the surface
  • Political, socio-cultural, and economic developments and transformation processes with a focus on marginalization processes and survival conditions

Meteorology and Space Sciences

  • Weather and climate research; climate prediction; modeling of weather and climate processes
  • Weather and climate processes, climate variability in their interactions with the environment and natural disasters
  • Urban environmental research with a focus on Berlin
  • Remote sensing, geographic information systems and paleontology, space exploration

Involvement in Multidisciplinary Research Areas:

  • Human-environment interactions
  • Complex systems
  • Materials research
  • Cultural dynamics
  • Security Research