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Deparment of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

Main Fields of Research:


  • Pflant research with a molecular, biochemical, phylogenetic/systematic, or ecological orientation
  • Neurobiology/behavior, behavior and learning processes of humans and other animals
  • Biodiversity and ecology, ecosystems
  • Organismic research in zoology and botany
  • Genome-based evolution and biodiversity
  • Molecular basic research of genes, proteins,  including their three-dimensional structure
  • Membranes and membrane interfacial processes and their control of central life processes such as learning and memory in animals and plants


  • Biochemistry and relationship to pharmacy
  • Supramolecular architectures at biological interfaces
  • Molecular research, stereoselective and macromolecular synthesis
  • Biomedical research, medical biochemistry, and structural biochemistry
  • Nanoscale functional materials, nanotechnology
  • Function and chemical reactivity


  • Innovative active agents of synthetic and natural origin and innovative delivery systems for drugs
  • Computer-aided drug design
  • Pharmaceutical analysis and bioanalysis
  • Reconstruction of human organs for alternatives to animal testing in biomedical research and systems biological pharmacometrics
  • Nanoscale systems for drug delivery and their toxicological properties
  • Health research

Involvement in Multidisciplinary Research Areas:

  • Fundamentals of biomedicine
  • Human-environment interaction
  • Health and quality of life
  • Materials research
  • Complex systems