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Autocratic Rule despite Elections

Political scientist Anja Osei examines democratization processes in African countries

Aug 07, 2023

Freie Universität Welcomes New Chief Gender Equality Officer

Dr. Corinna Tomberger is looking forward to working together with her colleagues at Freie Universität to promote equal opportunities for all and advocate for a more gender-inclusive organizational culture

Jul 25, 2023

An Important Voice in Afro-German Literature

The literary remains of poet, teacher, and activist May Ayim are in the University Archives of Freie Universität Berlin

Apr 26, 2023

German Federal Order of Merit for Feryad Fazil Omar

Former Lecturer at Freie Universität Berlin Recognized for Commitment to Minorities and Teaching Kurdish Languages and Culture

Feb 17, 2023

Between a Fresh Start and Deadlock

Traveling through North Macedonia and Albania with the German President

Jan 30, 2023

French Student Following Her Dream of Studying Veterinary Medicine in Berlin Receives Prestigious Award

This year’s DAAD Prize at Freie Universität Berlin was presented to veterinary medicine student Carine Hadjadene on October 12, 2022

Nov 01, 2022

“The More We Investigate, the More Complicated It Gets”

Sutapa Chakrabarti is a Heisenberg Professor at the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Her lab studies processes involved in the degradation of mRNA molecules in cells

Sep 21, 2022

“Berlin Is a Forest”

A conversation with Japanese author Hiromi Ito – author in residence at the “Temporal Communities” Cluster of Excellence – and her translator, Japanese Studies professor Irmela Hijiya-Kirschnereit

Jul 22, 2022

Physics Finalists Finish Fifth

German team of physics students awarded fifth place at the International Physicists’ Tournament in Colombia. Freie Universität physics student and team member Florian Hirsch tells us more

Jun 17, 2022

“An Incredible Show of Solidarity”

Anna Golubyeva studies law at Freie Universität Berlin, while Karl-Georg Wellmann provides funding for her Deutschlandstipendium scholarship. Together they have been supporting 150 Ukrainian refugees in Dahlem.

May 24, 2022