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Jennifer Gaschler, Sydney (Australia)

My name is Jennifer Gaschler, I am 28 years old, and in a master’s program in theater studies at Freie Universität. I am spending my third semester “down under,” where I am doing research for my master’s thesis on “Nationalism, Migration, and Identity in Contemporary Australian Theater.” I am looking forward to diving headfirst into multicultural Sydney, and I plan to use my free time for actual diving trips to the beautiful East Coast.

What a Year!

Last letter from Sydney: Jennifer Gaschler – now home in Germany – looks back on her stay in Australia.

British and Multicultural

The second “Letter from... Sydney”: Jennifer Gaschler is learning about Anglo-Saxon traditions down under.

Studying (almost) like Harry Potter

Letter from Sydney! Jennifer Gaschler arrived in Sydney in the middle of the Australian winter – she felt welcome right from the start!